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02 Apr

Couple of weeks of R&R

It was coming up to the end of the year and I had a chunk of holidays left so decided to take two weeks at the end of March. I didn’t get done everything I wanted to do but managed: House Managed to entirely gut the house. Cleaned every room, washed every cup, plate and […]

11 Feb

Got Games Going On

I’ve spent a fair chunk of the year so far playing games so haven’t really written much more substantial than those posts over at JoyStuckInThePast. Appropriate for here though is a game I just backed on Kickstarter. Scoville An Euro game about farming chilli peppers which takes into account colour blindness. Couldn’t not back that […]

15 Jun

Let the Right One In and Other

I loved the film Let the Right One In when it was released. I enjoyed the book and was even impressed by the Hollywood adaptation for being closed in parts to the book than the original version. I was pretty excited to see it coming to Dundee in the form of an adaptation for theatre. […]

14 Oct

Hero Quest Web Series

If you’ve ever wanted to see a hammy over-acted rendition of Hero Quest then now your dreams* have come true Questing * to be fair, if you wanted to see this there are probably lot’s of other dreams you have which are unfulfilled.

15 Mar

Awaiting Baldurs Gate 3?

The Baldurs Gate site has recently dissapeared to be replaced by a placeholder and countdown clock. This is due to hit it’s target at 7pm tonight. Excitement doesn’t cover it. Hopefully it is Baldurs Gate 3 and not some crappy beat em up skinned as it or something. A few of us are working our […]

14 Mar

Awaiting the Legend of Grimrock

For the past few months I have been following the development of the Legends of Grimrock which is now in the Release Candidate stage. Some experienced developers have been working hard for the past few months on this retro style Dungeon Crawler. To say I am excited about this is an understatement! Perfectly times as […]

24 Apr

Hero Quest Video Review

Quite silly video about Hero Quest. Awesome.

08 Feb

Games For Windows Live Sucks

For the second time in a week I can’t log in to Games For Windows Live. I can log into the Live mail account associated with it and am online doing other things. What am I trying to do? Play Dawn of War 2 Campaign. That, is a single player game which requires two online […]

18 Aug

Come in 1999 your time is up

Games Workshop, in their infinite wisdom have re-released Space Hulk. It’s ordered and now I can’t wait for September. It was suggested this was to renew the copyright by releasing it again. In that case, I can’t wait for Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest which would be re-released in the next couple of years.

27 Jul

Nerding out

Spent lunchtime today looking at the rumours of the re-release of Space Hulk Rumoured Space Hulk contents this is obviously exciting as if it is successful it means Games Workshop might look into re-releasing Hero Quest/Advanced Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest. Speaking of Hero Quest, found a new free gaming magazine with a short article about it […]

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