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25 Aug

But what about the plugs?

So it seems the Yes camp have been ignoring the main issue of the referendum campaign: What plugs will we use? There may be 650 questions answered in the White Paper, but this wasn’t one of them. Why did the Yes camp not anticipate this particular one and print it? Eh? Eh? It’s a total […]

25 Jun

Interim Constitution for Scotland

The Scottish Government has published the interim constitution for Scotland should independence be achieved in September. The first part deals with the bill itself, so the constitution is off by one in articles 2. Sovereignty of the people In Scotland, the people are sovereign Fantabulous. 3. The nature of the people‚Äôs sovereignty State power deriving […]

11 Dec

Nicola Sturgeon

After seeing her performance on the TV debate I was offered tickets to a Q&A with her at Dundee Uni hosted by 5million questions. So I popped along with @mariettarosetta (Anna) and her dad to see what was going to be discussed. The turnout was impressive in a large lecture theatre, although I suspected a […]

28 Nov

And now the gloves are off

So after the release of the independence white paper it appears the gloves are off. From ministers dismissing it before they could have read it, nitpicking over the detail or demanding why particular questions are not answered the No camp have pulled out all the stops except producing any document of their own. The highlights […]

26 Nov

Exclusive IFS Analysis

Well, they’ve been busy haven’t they. After delivering an analysis of how an independent Scotland would fare, using Westminster data, the IFS have got straight to work this morning. As well as reading the entire 670 page document and inputting all the data, they have produced a documentary showing the likliest outcome. They shared with […]

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