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02 Feb

Lindsay Mathers Equestrian Art

Lindsay Mathers has launched a blog (and soon to come site) with some of her horsey paintings. Looking forward to seeing more images up soon.

17 Dec

Two interesting articles in a row!

Slashdot beats it’s usual high of 1 decent article a day with two belters. Insurgents hack US drones Iraqi insurgents are intercepting communications from pilot-less drones as they are not encrypting it before sending it to base. The second will be of interest to anyone who has visited the Secret Bunker in Fife. A report […]

19 Mar

Tech Talk

On Wednesday I attended a meeting of Scottish Developers with a talk given by Michael Briggs on SEO. It was quite interesting. Some of the information I knew already. Some I did not. The stuff I already knew I have put into place on blogs/sites etc. The stuff I learned I plan to prioritise and […]

27 Jan

Links Links Links

Recently on UGS I started a thread to keep any UGSers blogs in one place as we kept posting all over the place when someone created one. I figure I can make an exception to the post a paragraph on every link rule to help support the bloggers in that community. Loads of random reads, […]

01 Jan

A New Year

And it starts with the news that the Israeli military are bombing the shite out of Palestinians…again. Easy to see another election is looming. 96 years and 230+ wars (28 ongoing) after the war to end all wars. Israel have been blockading medical supplies to Palestine for months and one of their ships rammed a […]

11 Dec

Link: Strange Maps

Given they have just pushed out a mega update it seems a good time to link to Strange Maps. A really interesting site, especially if like me, you are a huge nerd. There are all sorts of maps, from fantastical ones to real ones of countries that don’t exist and micro-nations which existed for a […]

27 Nov

Link: spEak You’re bRanes

spEak You’re bRanes is the excellent site which pokes fun at the paranoid, dangerous, delusional and the daft who inhabit the BBC Have your say comment section. If ever you need to complete the input-> process->output diagram with Daily Mail as the input this is your best bet. My favourite has to be the EUrophobe […]

23 Sep

Link: Swearing in a Foreign Language

swearing in a foreign language is the blog of a friend of mine. His most interesting post so far was assisted by me. Whoops, forgot I was filming and moved to take a portrait shot. He likes obscure bands. I’m sure his blog won’t suck.

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