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05 May

The Hard Man

This weekend saw a bit of a diversion at Kage, a play taking part in the bar: The Hard Man. With live music accompaniment from the Victorian Trout Conspiracy. It was written by Tom McGrath/Jimmy Boyle and this performance was by In Your Face Theatre. The play started as soon as you arrived at the […]

18 Nov

Dundee City of Culture Bid

It’s been surprising how little and much has been said about Dundee’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2017. How little in the long-run up. And then so much in the last week. Some good, some bad. Some indifferent. The public face of the bid started with the launch of We Dundee with locals […]

15 Jun

Let the Right One In and Other

I loved the film Let the Right One In when it was released. I enjoyed the book and was even impressed by the Hollywood adaptation for being closed in parts to the book than the original version. I was pretty excited to see it coming to Dundee in the form of an adaptation for theatre. […]

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