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10 May

Minor Update and Movie Round Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything of length here, but as the three of you who read this blog know me in real life you’ll know why that is. I’m slowly catching up on my RSS feeds but have some lengthy articles on the backlog to read, my email inbox is as far […]

25 Jan

Private Eye – ooh err missus

This fortnights edition of Private Eye is quite good. The two stand-outs for me though were the ingenuously fuelled letter about classical music with the quote the capital is positively stiff with magnificent organs. The second is the large column with outrage that a comedian has been dumped from a festival, the comedian in question […]

02 Apr

Private Eye errata

Private Eye is a great magazine but they are famed for getting facts wrong. The latest issue has x years since monarch succession law Brown wants to change, 14 years, time Brown waited before becoming prime minister unelected. Now whilst strictly true, it is certainly misleading. Gordon Brown was not elected as Prime Minister, the […]

27 Nov

Link: spEak You’re bRanes

spEak You’re bRanes is the excellent site which pokes fun at the paranoid, dangerous, delusional and the daft who inhabit the BBC Have your say comment section. If ever you need to complete the input-> process->output diagram with Daily Mail as the input this is your best bet. My favourite has to be the EUrophobe […]

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