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13 Oct

I’m Certifiable

This year I went on my second training course in Manchester, of which I’ll write later. The second was to a course on Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications. The purpose to then sit the exam and achieve MCP status. Last week I passed the exam and became a Microsoft Certified Professional. This is also […]

11 Jul

Scott Hanselman on Information Overload

Last night’s talk by Scott Hanselman was really good. The most amusing paraphrase was something along the lines of Reading Twitter is like swimming in a sea of shit It seemed a mixture of: Information overload (video) Social Networking for Developers (video) Outlook Rules (blogpost) Essentially it boils down to: if you can’t hyperlink to […]

21 Nov

Quick write up of #DunDDD

DunDDD took place on Saturday in Dundee. The turnout was reasonable, maybe 70-80. The variety of sessions on offer wasn’t as good as DDD Scotland but being so close made up for it. No Grok talks at lunch but instead some pizza supplied by NCR. There was the usual swag throughout t-shirts, back massagers, bottle […]

13 Sep

Brian Souter Fails at the Internet

One of the most bizarre stories of the last week has been Brian Souters rant about google. He claims that his vanity site not appearing high in the rankings is censoring free speech. Of course his site still exists, so his free speech is not being censored. At all. Google have previously removed BMW’s website […]

21 Mar

Elvis has left the building

Given that the company is long since dead it’s probably ok to write about the computer systems at Virgin Megastores. Note: I fully expect to edit this for errors and clarifications when other former employees see this, especially as I can’t remember what each of the 20 function keys did so am making up the […]

23 Aug

First Search Consultancy Scam

It appears that a lot of people find my site by searching for First Search Consultancy Scam. This is possibly related to a couple of previous posts I wrote – almost 650 at the last count. More than likely though it is related to the large number of people who claim to be dissatisfied with […]

05 Jun

A Rank SEO Company

A friend was called yesterday by yet another dodgy SEO company. They called from 0161 9058460 which from an advert appears to be a company called Rank Right. They claimed that they were from Google and could get a site to the first page of Google for £99 per month. Having dealt with this sort […]

29 May

Copyright Notices in Code Files

My current joy: Doing a compare between an old and new version of two versions of a piece of software. This is the last minor release before the next major version number release. The developer has decided to update his address in the copyright section of almost 300 files. I am now having to go […]

10 May

Developer Day Scotland #DDDScot

I attended the Developer Day Scotland for the second time at the weekend (I had to miss first one, can’t remember why). My sessions did vary a bit from what I had originally intended. Firstly I had forgotten to pick up the directions so couldn’t remember exactly what building it was in. I bumped into […]

26 Feb

Developer Day Scotland Agenda Announced

Developer Day Scotland Agenda has been announced and looks really good. I went last year and thought it was excellent so was looking forward to this year. Only one clash and one empty slot for my preferred items I voted for so a good result for me. Right now my plans would be for: HTML […]

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