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02 Apr

Couple of weeks of R&R

It was coming up to the end of the year and I had a chunk of holidays left so decided to take two weeks at the end of March. I didn’t get done everything I wanted to do but managed:


Managed to entirely gut the house. Cleaned every room, washed every cup, plate and piece of cutlery. Cleared out loads of old crap too. Bought some replacement bits and bobs for things that had broken or gone missing.


Carried on ripping through a big chunk of my albums in preparation for Get the Funk Out. Now up to K. Eurgh so much to do and then singles etc too.

With co-hort Sean Cairns had another evening of Funkness at Kage which was awesomeness.

Computer Games

Got the South Park game and Papers Please, both of which seem fun. Played a bit of Hearthstone and Cockatrice too.


Took a trip to Edinburgh for a day and scoured some charity/book shops. Managed to pick up some interesting looking things and read an analysis of Electoral Systems. Finished Finding Arthur which was very interesting. Started again on Game of Thrones in excitement of the new season starting.

Television Shows

Finished How I Met Your Mother (at last, goodbye and fuck off) and Walking Dead (series will go on, learning from HIMYM I’m not sticking it out). Managed to get not so far behind on Castle, still 1 season behind though. Watched True Detective which was pretty epic. It was one of many shows people recommend but with backlog I hadn’t added to my queue.


Won my first constructed Magic event at Highlander which was pretty awesome. Bought Lords of Waterdeep which is just fantastic, and hopefully doesn’t put anyone off due to the Dungeons and Dragons branding as it is irrelevant to game play and bloody good. Played a lot of DC Deckbuilder. Played a mashup of both DC and Lord of the Rings deckbuilders which was as big a trainwreck as it looked to be.

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