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09 May


So the Inbetweeners has come to the end of series 2. After the disappointment of series 3 of Skins this was a breath of fresh air. Some really funny moments couple with some really cringe worthy moments. The final episode had Neil with the best quote of the series though. ghost stories like Harry Potter […]

13 Feb

Skins in Not Being Shit Shocker!

Well, I had decided to give Skins one more go before giving up. Episode 3 had been an improvement on 1 and 2 (not hard to be honest) especially with the chilli love. Episode 4 started off pretty well and at one point I heard two lines of dialogue and realised holy crap. Effy and […]

23 Jan

Trying Too Hard

One of my favourite Day One* tracks was Trying too Hard given the hip soundtrack to Skins it really should have been used on Series 3 Episode 1. I really liked Series 1 and 2, there was a willingness to explore topics few other series would as well as quite good character arcs. With the […]

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