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19 May

Check mate

Just found out that my Uncles brother-in-law Ben died today. He had been ill for a few years and was one of the friendliest guys you could ever meet. He taught me to play Chess when I was 5 holidaying in Aviemore. It was something which really set the seeds for my interest in games, […]

03 Apr

Proper Games

Proper Games are launching their first title, Flock next week. Having met Paddy, one of the owners a while back through a friend I have been eagerly awaiting it. My pre-order was made a couple of days after they were available. A demo is now available.Game Daily being the only host I could get to […]

27 Nov

Wii Fit

I got Wii Fit for Christmas (and it’s open now, so no surprise) and it’s surprisingly fun. I had been trying to find it for months and decided it may be more useful using it to track weight in the run up to Christmas than preventively on Christmas Day. Whether I will keep using it […]

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