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05 May

Dundee West General Election

So the election is tomorrow, what’s been happenning in Dundee West. Well as of now my only contact has been 3 hand delivered Lib Dem leaftets and a personally addressed SNP letter. The three Lib Dem leaflets all contained their usual bunch of lies, damn lies and irrelevant and massaged statistics. A letter from the […]

24 Apr

Hero Quest Video Review

Quite silly video about Hero Quest. Awesome.

18 Aug

Come in 1999 your time is up

Games Workshop, in their infinite wisdom have re-released Space Hulk. It’s ordered and now I can’t wait for September. It was suggested this was to renew the copyright by releasing it again. In that case, I can’t wait for Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest which would be re-released in the next couple of years.

27 Jul

Nerding out

Spent lunchtime today looking at the rumours of the re-release of Space Hulk Rumoured Space Hulk contents this is obviously exciting as if it is successful it means Games Workshop might look into re-releasing Hero Quest/Advanced Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest. Speaking of Hero Quest, found a new free gaming magazine with a short article about it […]

23 Jul


I’ve neglected to post here for a bit so will wrap up some bits and bobs together. Films Have watched quite a few films recently, the best being In My Fathers Den which was superb. I tried to find the book online but it was quite expensive. Other recent watches included Sickle (appalling), We Don’t […]

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