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04 Jun

Getting the Funk Out

Friday was an eventful night – I was a DJ. Years ago at Coalesce I would occasionally step in for a couple of songs if I was blethering to one of the DJs and they had to nip off to the loo or whatever but never actually DJ’d. Around Christmas Sean asked if I’d be […]

18 Mar

Rusty Hip Collective Zine #1

The Rusty Hip have made a zine follow the link and support the scene. Come to the gig, give us a quid it’s being launched on Friday So have it a read, tell us what you think dinnae just moan and cause a stink. Go to events, tell other fowk. Negative pish gies us the […]

27 Sep

Link: The Rusty Hip

A funny thing happened on Facebook. They made a change to their group settings. I was going through old groups and realised the UGS group only had 4 members now. No way is that happening. I quickly invited everyone again and by the end of the night there were close to 100 members again. Over […]

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