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02 Aug

Anti-social media

I was initially quite excited by the launch of Google +, mainly due to it separating circles of friends in an easy to manage way. I have been quite wary of posting things online due to overlapping circles of friends. A number of cases have emerged where people have been fired for gross misconduct for […]

10 Mar

Media Conglomorate on the Attack

Note: this post was sitting in my drafts from February 2009. No idea why I didn’t publish at the time. The RIAA (Recording Industry of America) has had a potted history of cases against individual alleged file sharers. They have sued children, people who don’t own computers and dead people. Their only courtroom victory was […]

08 Mar

Freemen On The Land

I think I have found my new favourite conspiraloons, just pipping the 9/11 Troofers at the post. Freemen on the Land seems to have started in the US and then spread to the UK. Some of the absurd arguments which reflect the US legal system seem to have translated too which is most amusing. Basically […]

23 Jan

Church Attendance figures

I was sure I had previously written about it here but apparantly not. Before Christmas there was a stooshy in the Courier due to Dundee holding a Winters Light Festival which included turning on the Christmas tree lights among other things as part of the Homecoming Celebration. Rants and raves from the religious and righteous […]

28 Jul

Wi-fi woo

Amused today to read about some cretin who claims to be allergic to wi-fi. Of course it will be no surprise to know the rag source of this garbage is the Hitler supporting Daily Mail. Of course if such a claim were true the DJ would be in luck, with a profile and a paranormal […]

25 Mar

Support an Open Source project

One of the reasons I have been playing around with WordPress is because it is Open Source. I have been using various Open Source projects for a while, not zealously, but when they are the best alternative for a given task – or at least good enough for what I do. Current software I am […]

16 Mar

The Morality of Organised Religion

No doubt those who know me have heard me prattle on about a number of seperate but interlinked topics such as religion, secularism and abortion rights. If you needed a better reason to doubt that religion is the basis of morality and irreligion is the basis of amorality it is the recent case from Brazil. […]

25 Feb

Freethought Radio

One of the numerous podcasts I listen to whilst working is the excellent FreeThought Radio, produced by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF They have a wide range of topics and guests to do with atheism, secularism, humanism, philosophy etc. Some of the guests are excellent, some not so much, but it’s such a diverse […]

25 Nov

Thomas Paine

A book I have been slogging through for nigh on a year is Thomas Paine – social and political thought. I hadn’t been reading books for a while so to get back into it started taking them for the bus journey to work and back. Unfortunately this was probably a poor choice for reading early […]

25 Nov

Bad Thoughts

I recently finished the book Bad thoughts – a guide to clear thinking by Jamie Whyte. It was a really interesting and engrossing read. The book is split into a number of chapters, each dealing with a type of logical fallacies. These include “The right to my opinion” and “morality fever”. It is well written […]

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