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25 Jan

Private Eye – ooh err missus

This fortnights edition of Private Eye is quite good. The two stand-outs for me though were the ingenuously fuelled letter about classical music with the quote the capital is positively stiff with magnificent organs. The second is the large column with outrage that a comedian has been dumped from a festival, the comedian in question […]

27 Jul

Nerding out

Spent lunchtime today looking at the rumours of the re-release of Space Hulk Rumoured Space Hulk contents this is obviously exciting as if it is successful it means Games Workshop might look into re-releasing Hero Quest/Advanced Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest. Speaking of Hero Quest, found a new free gaming magazine with a short article about it […]

08 Jan

A Winner is Me!

At the start of December I entered a competition on the SciFiNow blog It lists loads of prizes: VIP tickets to an exclusive Hellboy party Hellboy scarf Hellboy beanie the movie on DVD Cygnett MP3 player accessories pack I got an e-mail saying I had won a prize and thought woo, hope it’s the DVD, […]

27 Nov

New magazine day!

It’s that time of the month again: SciFi Now Thursday! I started getting this about issue 6 (now 22) and it’s really good. The movie reviews are focused on SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/World Cinema type stuff so really covers most of my main movie interests. So far I haven’t noticed any signs of the reviews being biased by […]

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