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25 Aug

But what about the plugs?

So it seems the Yes camp have been ignoring the main issue of the referendum campaign: What plugs will we use? There may be 650 questions answered in the White Paper, but this wasn’t one of them. Why did the Yes camp not anticipate this particular one and print it? Eh? Eh? It’s a total […]

16 Jul

Silicon Valley

I managed to catch up on some of the new Mike Judge show Silicon Valley and was quite amused. This clip shows the reality of remote conferencing type tools. A bunch of nerdy nerds in Silicon Valley with a small start up. Stupid money flows around and everyone has their own ideas for software to […]

18 Mar

Rusty Hip Collective Zine #1

The Rusty Hip have made a zine follow the link and support the scene. Come to the gig, give us a quid it’s being launched on Friday So have it a read, tell us what you think dinnae just moan and cause a stink. Go to events, tell other fowk. Negative pish gies us the […]

11 Feb

2012 the Year of Change

Well that year kind of dragged a bit. I’m not quite sure whether this post will ever make it public so I will just write it, read it, edit it and decide. The year started with me making a big list of about 30 things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. […]

15 Apr

Family Guy runs for First Minister

Does anyone else see it or is it just me?

21 Mar

Elvis has left the building

Given that the company is long since dead it’s probably ok to write about the computer systems at Virgin Megastores. Note: I fully expect to edit this for errors and clarifications when other former employees see this, especially as I can’t remember what each of the 20 function keys did so am making up the […]

08 Mar

Freemen On The Land

I think I have found my new favourite conspiraloons, just pipping the 9/11 Troofers at the post. Freemen on the Land seems to have started in the US and then spread to the UK. Some of the absurd arguments which reflect the US legal system seem to have translated too which is most amusing. Basically […]

23 Apr

First Search Consultancy

I was recently contacted by someone else who had received legal threats from First Search Consultancy. They have since edited and re-published their post about First Search Consultancy. I recommend reading it. Ryan also says he has a recording proving the claim made by a number of people online and in person that they say […]

25 Jan

Private Eye – ooh err missus

This fortnights edition of Private Eye is quite good. The two stand-outs for me though were the ingenuously fuelled letter about classical music with the quote the capital is positively stiff with magnificent organs. The second is the large column with outrage that a comedian has been dumped from a festival, the comedian in question […]

18 Sep


One of the areas I wanted to write a few pieces about, but have neglected, was the strangeness of the English language. Those that know me in person know I love puns and wordplay. I can generally be found giggling at something which amuses me which I then have to explain to others who hadn’t […]

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