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10 Apr

Anti Social-Media

I first went on the internet over 20 years ago. At the time the way you connected with people was via email directly or on bulletin boards and forums more publicly. I really enjoyed it, little micro-groups of interested fowk, with moderation and blocking, and ability to separate interests by different sites. More importantly everything […]

26 May

Parachuted, Delusional and Probably an MEP

With one area still to declare the result, it looks certain that an organisation which doesn’t exist on the ground, has no elected councillors, MPs or MSPs will have an MEP elected with around 10% of the pitifully low vote. UKIPs David Coburn was parachuted in from London after a fight in Scotlands UKIP group […]

13 Nov

Where were the Labour Party?

At around the 13 minute mark the discussion on the Bedroom Tax starts. Here you can see Anas Sarwar, deputy leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, arguing against the Bedroom Tax. Demanding to know why the SNP don’t abolish it (when Welfare isn’t devolved to Holyrood). As you can gather he is obviously opposed […]

19 Jun

Center for Enquiry

There has been a bit of a ruckus online amongst sceptics and a sceptical organisation. You can read a round up of the latest issues here. Although a fan of the work of Center for Inquiry for many years, I have just send the following to them and am sadly unsubsribing from their content. I […]

09 Apr

Scotlands Favourite Corpse

What took her so long? is the phrase on many lips. After 87 years of oxygen thievery Margaret Thatcher has finally stopped polluting the universe with her presence. Unfortunately her vile ideas are still here. Being implemented by all stripes of bastards in councils and governments up and down the UK and in other places […]

08 Mar

International Working Women’s Day

Today is International Working Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and support them in emancipating themselves from patriarchy. A new blog has launched which aims to be a Gender Obsessed Discussion Group. This post discusses the disgusting sexist abuse from a debate at Glasgow University Union. Having never went to it, I was unaware […]

15 Jun

Well Done Martha Payne #NeverSeconds

Martha Payne, a nine year girl, has been blogging about the dinners available at her school. The school is some bizarre crackdown on attacks on their services have decided that she is now banned from taking photos of the meals. Obviously this kind of thing never backfires which is why as of right now the […]

01 Dec

Still No Arguments Against Gay Marriage?

A friend recently posted a video to their Facebook wall which is a political advert for gay marriage. It’s excellent on a number of counts, mainly because it’s for a great cause (declare bias early) but also unlike some political ads it’s not preachy and with very few words spoken throughout makes it’s point well. […]

20 Sep

Health and Safety

An article about the recent tragic death of 4 miners highlights the issue of lapse Health and Safety that led to their deaths. When you read a ridiculous article in the crap tabloid press about tabloid health and safety gone mad the majority of the time it’s nothing to do with health and safety it’s […]

30 Aug

Israel is a Terrorist State

I used to keep up with what was happening in Israel and Palestine quite a bit. Over the past couple of years I haven’t been able to keep up as much in what is going on. A couple of months ago I went to a show by Mark Thomas, he decided to walk the wall […]

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