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04 Apr

Buffy Season 8: Arc 1 of 8

Buffy Season 8 was the first proper monthly comic I started reading. I had loved the show, and Angel and figured: “It’s canon, I should read it”. I also started reading Angel, Spike and the various other Buffy-verse spin-offs. It started off quite strong but towards the end I started to get really pissed off […]

31 Mar

Andy Hallett dies!

Andy Hallett was the actor who played Lorne on Angel. I hadn’t realised he was only 33, only 25 when he started playing the character. It was the only thing I saw him in (although he apparently was in an episode of Buffy too) but he was constantly superb as the campy living life to […]

15 Jan

The Astronaut’s Wife

After checking imdb, I have watched twenty three movies with Johnny Depp in them. Some of them great (Donnie Brasco, Edward Scissorhands), some good, (Pirates of the Caribbean) some of them unwatchable dirge (Secret Window, The Brave, Dead Man, Pirates 2, Pirates 3 etc). Having picked The Astronaughts Wife up for one and two thirds […]

06 Jan

Zombie Cannibals Read the Guardian

Movies: First week of January 2009 Generally after making tea, doing dishes and catching up on random e-mails we settle down to a movie, anything from rom-com to horror to world cinema. So far the ones which I haven’t blocked out this year have been: Dead Creatures Catacombs All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Crime […]

27 Nov

New magazine day!

It’s that time of the month again: SciFi Now Thursday! I started getting this about issue 6 (now 22) and it’s really good. The movie reviews are focused on SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/World Cinema type stuff so really covers most of my main movie interests. So far I haven’t noticed any signs of the reviews being biased by […]

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