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11 Feb

2012 the Year of Change

Well that year kind of dragged a bit. I’m not quite sure whether this post will ever make it public so I will just write it, read it, edit it and decide. The year started with me making a big list of about 30 things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. […]

10 May

Minor Update and Movie Round Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything of length here, but as the three of you who read this blog know me in real life you’ll know why that is. I’m slowly catching up on my RSS feeds but have some lengthy articles on the backlog to read, my email inbox is as far […]

21 Nov

Quick write up of #DunDDD

DunDDD took place on Saturday in Dundee. The turnout was reasonable, maybe 70-80. The variety of sessions on offer wasn’t as good as DDD Scotland but being so close made up for it. No Grok talks at lunch but instead some pizza supplied by NCR. There was the usual swag throughout t-shirts, back massagers, bottle […]

01 Aug

Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?

I had been moderately excited for the new Alice movie. I just watched the trailer. What the hell is Burton doing with all this ridiculous CGI? It looked appalling and out of place. Never mind that most of it was completely unnecessary, bah. CGI works if it blends in to the film, if it adds […]

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