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12 Sep

Goodbye Grouchos

After around 44 years, we heard the news yesterday which had seemed inevitable that Grouchos was closing for good. Sadly, last year Breeks – the owner died. The year before the shop had also been at risk when it was thought the building it is in was being sold. So when lockdown ended and it […]

05 May

Aphorisms by Tragical History Tour

Aphorisms is the full LP debut by Derrick Johnston of Make-That-A-Take Records, and countless bands with numerous other releases behind his belt. Ten tracks of heartfelt raw emotion and experience which is undersold by the modest title. Its a great record, but I’ve delayed being able to write about it and I’m not sure why. […]

04 Dec

Book Yer Ane Fest 2017

I’m sitting recovering from another weekend of Book Yer Ane Fest, which yet again is the best December event to celebrate. For a variety of reasons I won’t go into I couldn’t get to MotionFest or the first few BYAFs. The last one I missed I was so annoyed about it I deliberately avoided looking […]

18 Nov

Dundee City of Culture Bid

It’s been surprising how little and much has been said about Dundee’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2017. How little in the long-run up. And then so much in the last week. Some good, some bad. Some indifferent. The public face of the bid started with the launch of We Dundee with locals […]

12 Nov

Useless Council Awards 2013

It really must be the silly season as two Councils have went head to head racing ahead of others in publicly crowing about their financial incompetence. Making their bid yesterday was Glasgow City Council. They announced that in a Cost saving plan they would spend money raising a statue on a plinth. Apparently this would […]

18 Mar

Rusty Hip Collective Zine #1

The Rusty Hip have made a zine follow the link and support the scene. Come to the gig, give us a quid it’s being launched on Friday So have it a read, tell us what you think dinnae just moan and cause a stink. Go to events, tell other fowk. Negative pish gies us the […]

11 Feb

2012 the Year of Change

Well that year kind of dragged a bit. I’m not quite sure whether this post will ever make it public so I will just write it, read it, edit it and decide. The year started with me making a big list of about 30 things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. […]

27 Sep

Link: The Rusty Hip

A funny thing happened on Facebook. They made a change to their group settings. I was going through old groups and realised the UGS group only had 4 members now. No way is that happening. I quickly invited everyone again and by the end of the night there were close to 100 members again. Over […]

21 Nov

Quick write up of #DunDDD

DunDDD took place on Saturday in Dundee. The turnout was reasonable, maybe 70-80. The variety of sessions on offer wasn’t as good as DDD Scotland but being so close made up for it. No Grok talks at lunch but instead some pizza supplied by NCR. There was the usual swag throughout t-shirts, back massagers, bottle […]

21 Mar

Elvis has left the building

Given that the company is long since dead it’s probably ok to write about the computer systems at Virgin Megastores. Note: I fully expect to edit this for errors and clarifications when other former employees see this, especially as I can’t remember what each of the 20 function keys did so am making up the […]

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