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15 Apr

Digital Economy Bill

I hadn’t noticed But Stewart Hosie (MP for Dundee East) voted for the Digital Economy Bill meaning that 100% of the SNP MPs who voted supported it. I have written to Jim Barrie (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the SNP in Dundee West) asking for his view on the bill (email sent on 15th April). Jim […]

26 Mar

Day 3 in the Big Brother state house

After John Letford resigned the rest of the housemates were bitching about him in the diary room. They are now getting to see interviews with him inside. Courier article The overriding incident, which I found disgusting and unforgivably embarrassing, was that I was approached by the (Labour) group through Kevin (Keenan), asking if I would […]

24 Mar

Labour in disarray Part 2

Tonight’s Evening Telegraph is basically a John Letford Resigns Special. He claims to have a long list of reasons for resigning but only reveals one: I have been trying to persuade my ex-colleagues for nearly two years to recognise the fact that, in the interests of the city and fair play, Dundee City Council committee […]

24 Mar

Labour in disarray

In the 2007 Council elections the balance of power had shifted to 13 SNP councillors, 10 Labour, 3 Tories, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent. Borthwick, the independent had previously stated – correctly – that it was undemocratic for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories to deny the SNP their place in the administration. […]

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