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04 Feb

Labour could be finished in Dundee West

Lord Ashcroft has released his constituency breakdown polls and it looks like Jim McGovern could be finished in Dundee West. I was born in Dundee West and have spent my entire life here. For a large chunk of my life, my MP was Ernie Ross, before becoming Jim McGovern. I always despised Ernie Ross, a […]

11 Jun

DC Thomson Letter to MP

Hi Jim, When you meet with DC Thomson to discuss their slashing of jobs will you be bringing up their Lets Get Dundee Working Campaign? Recession recovery to take longer in Dundee Council backing Courier jobs campaign Surely a local company shedding 350 staff is ideal for being a focus of their campaign? They should […]

05 Jun

Letter RE: Freedom Flotilla – Jim McGovern

Reply to Freedom Flotilla letter Jim McGovern – Labour First reply from Jim McGovern’s secretary Thank you for your message which I shall pass to Jim McGovern. Jane O’Neill

05 Jun

Letter to Representatives RE Attack on Freedom Flotilla

I wrote the following letter to all my representatives yesterday and look forward to some interesting responses. MPs: Jim McGovern (Labour) MSPs: Joe FitzPatrick (SNP), Alison McInnes (Liberal Democrat), Richard Baker (Labour), Alex Johnstone (Conservative), Nanette Milne (Conservative), Marlyn Glen (Labour), Nigel Don (SNP), Maureen Watt (SNP) MEPs : Alyn Smith (SNP), David Martin (Labour), […]

05 May

Dundee West General Election

So the election is tomorrow, what’s been happenning in Dundee West. Well as of now my only contact has been 3 hand delivered Lib Dem leaftets and a personally addressed SNP letter. The three Lib Dem leaflets all contained their usual bunch of lies, damn lies and irrelevant and massaged statistics. A letter from the […]

17 Apr

Dundee West voters choice

You can tell it’s an election because Labour and the SNP showed their face in the city centre today, so probably time for an info post. Well, unless there are any last minute changes or anyone withdrawing at the last minute (ooh err missus) the line up for the election in Dundee West looks like: […]

15 Apr

Digital Economy Bill

I hadn’t noticed But Stewart Hosie (MP for Dundee East) voted for the Digital Economy Bill meaning that 100% of the SNP MPs who voted supported it. I have written to Jim Barrie (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the SNP in Dundee West) asking for his view on the bill (email sent on 15th April). Jim […]

07 Apr

Stuff Jim McGovern

Last night was the final straw. Having spent several years as a member of the payroll vote he eventually started being a constituency MP. He voted for authoritarian measures like storing massive amount of information on citizens and then tried to block information about where he has been on taxpayers money using privacy as his […]

20 Jun

Jim McGovern – snout in the trough

Having trawled through Jim McGoverns expenses I spotted some belters. £658 for a computer desk. £4360 to set up his 10 page website – surely not. £123 for a trouser press. £950 for a sofa bed. As well as everything from cushions to bath screens he also claimed £2 for a knife. His office expenses […]

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