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10 Apr

Anti Social-Media

I first went on the internet over 20 years ago. At the time the way you connected with people was via email directly or on bulletin boards and forums more publicly. I really enjoyed it, little micro-groups of interested fowk, with moderation and blocking, and ability to separate interests by different sites. More importantly everything […]

11 Feb

2012 the Year of Change

Well that year kind of dragged a bit. I’m not quite sure whether this post will ever make it public so I will just write it, read it, edit it and decide. The year started with me making a big list of about 30 things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. […]

10 Nov

A Winner is me! 4

Well, it’s been a while since I posted about winning a competition. In the summer I won a Blood Bag Shower Gel from a True Blood competition on Facebook. Today I just had delivery of a leather Olympus camera bag from a competition from some time ago I had forgotten about. I normally use the […]

02 Aug

Anti-social media

I was initially quite excited by the launch of Google +, mainly due to it separating circles of friends in an easy to manage way. I have been quite wary of posting things online due to overlapping circles of friends. A number of cases have emerged where people have been fired for gross misconduct for […]

15 Jul


I realised today that it’s been about 3 months since I last posted here. I’ve been reading again a hell of a lot more than before. Since the start of June, I am now about half way through book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire. That’s about 3,500 pages in 6 weeks. Before […]

10 Mar

Media Conglomorate on the Attack

Note: this post was sitting in my drafts from February 2009. No idea why I didn’t publish at the time. The RIAA (Recording Industry of America) has had a potted history of cases against individual alleged file sharers. They have sued children, people who don’t own computers and dead people. Their only courtroom victory was […]

24 Jan

Is it a whisky, is it a bourbon, no – it’s Valt Vodka

I had heard of Valt Vodka a few weeks back but didn’t want to throw down £25-£30 on a rash buy. Well I went round round the Scottish Trade Fair on Sunday as a recce mission for future exhibiting and I spotted their stand. Disciplined I wandered round the rest of the food section before […]

21 Jun

Travel Dundee Silliness

2 minor annoyances with Travel Dundee lately. Firstly they have binned the flexi-cards and replaced them with paper tickets to be stamped by the drivers. Notices say this is to speed up the journey etc. Except the driver taking ticket, inpecting it, then leaning forward lining up stamper, stamping, checking stamp is in correct place […]

15 May

Buyer Beware

Due to a combination of factors regarding scammy scummy business practices I remembered about this incident. A few weeks ago I get a knock at the door and it is someone from an energy company touting for business by trying to convince us to switch suppliers. I forget the exact figures but he asked me […]

23 Apr

First Search Consultancy

I was recently contacted by someone else who had received legal threats from First Search Consultancy. They have since edited and re-published their post about First Search Consultancy. I recommend reading it. Ryan also says he has a recording proving the claim made by a number of people online and in person that they say […]

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