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30 Aug

Israel is a Terrorist State

I used to keep up with what was happening in Israel and Palestine quite a bit. Over the past couple of years I haven’t been able to keep up as much in what is going on. A couple of months ago I went to a show by Mark Thomas, he decided to walk the wall […]

05 Jun

Letter to Representatives RE Attack on Freedom Flotilla

I wrote the following letter to all my representatives yesterday and look forward to some interesting responses. MPs: Jim McGovern (Labour) MSPs: Joe FitzPatrick (SNP), Alison McInnes (Liberal Democrat), Richard Baker (Labour), Alex Johnstone (Conservative), Nanette Milne (Conservative), Marlyn Glen (Labour), Nigel Don (SNP), Maureen Watt (SNP) MEPs : Alyn Smith (SNP), David Martin (Labour), […]

18 Jan

Demo in Dundee

Dundee showed Solidarity with Gaza on Saturday. At least 500 and probably 800 people turned out at short notice for a march and demonstration on Saturday. Really lively vibrant demo, positive atmosphere. Some good speeches afterwards, some cringe worthy ones, I certainly do not support Hamas, I support the Palestinians right to resists, but that […]

06 Jan

Protests Continue Against Israeli Brutality

No doubt many people have seen the pictures of Orthodox Jews in New York protesting against the invasion which today resulted in the bombing of a school. What has not been as widely reported are the demos in Israel against the action One account described the slogans/banners and the hoops they had to jump through […]

01 Jan

A New Year

And it starts with the news that the Israeli military are bombing the shite out of Palestinians…again. Easy to see another election is looming. 96 years and 230+ wars (28 ongoing) after the war to end all wars. Israel have been blockading medical supplies to Palestine for months and one of their ships rammed a […]

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