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29 May

Copyright Notices in Code Files

My current joy: Doing a compare between an old and new version of two versions of a piece of software. This is the last minor release before the next major version number release. The developer has decided to update his address in the copyright section of almost 300 files. I am now having to go […]

26 Feb

Developer Day Scotland Agenda Announced

Developer Day Scotland Agenda has been announced and looks really good. I went last year and thought it was excellent so was looking forward to this year. Only one clash and one empty slot for my preferred items I voted for so a good result for me. Right now my plans would be for: HTML […]

02 Aug

Green Trilobita theme

Looking at styles for a blog, a friend liked the Green Trilobita theme by Trilobita. They wanted the palette changed to blues though so I made modifications. I couldn’t see any licence, but assuming it was GPL‘d I’ll put the modifications here. I changed the following files: Footer.php Added text Colours modified by Alan Graham […]

13 Jul

Drop Down Menus

I have spent most of this evening wrestling with the UDM menu on the root of my site. I can get it to import sub-menu items from an external file, but not the main menu items. So with the menu: Home – static Menu Top – static Sub Menu – loads dynamically Another – static […]

25 Mar

Support an Open Source project

One of the reasons I have been playing around with WordPress is because it is Open Source. I have been using various Open Source projects for a while, not zealously, but when they are the best alternative for a given task – or at least good enough for what I do. Current software I am […]

19 Mar

Tech Talk

On Wednesday I attended a meeting of Scottish Developers with a talk given by Michael Briggs on SEO. It was quite interesting. Some of the information I knew already. Some I did not. The stuff I already knew I have put into place on blogs/sites etc. The stuff I learned I plan to prioritise and […]

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