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05 May

Dundee West General Election

So the election is tomorrow, what’s been happenning in Dundee West. Well as of now my only contact has been 3 hand delivered Lib Dem leaftets and a personally addressed SNP letter. The three Lib Dem leaflets all contained their usual bunch of lies, damn lies and irrelevant and massaged statistics. A letter from the […]

24 Mar

Labour in disarray Part 2

Tonight’s Evening Telegraph is basically a John Letford Resigns Special. He claims to have a long list of reasons for resigning but only reveals one: I have been trying to persuade my ex-colleagues for nearly two years to recognise the fact that, in the interests of the city and fair play, Dundee City Council committee […]

24 Mar

Labour in disarray

In the 2007 Council elections the balance of power had shifted to 13 SNP councillors, 10 Labour, 3 Tories, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent. Borthwick, the independent had previously stated – correctly – that it was undemocratic for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories to deny the SNP their place in the administration. […]

01 Dec

Doff your Cap to yer Elders and Betters

One of the many reports Various news agencies have reported on EC President Jose Manuel Barroso talking about Britain and the Euro. I don’t mean this will happen tomorrow, I know that the majority (of British people) are still opposed, but there is a period of consideration underway and the people which matter in Britain […]

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