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23 Aug

First Search Consultancy Scam

It appears that a lot of people find my site by searching for First Search Consultancy Scam. This is possibly related to a couple of previous posts I wrote – almost 650 at the last count. More than likely though it is related to the large number of people who claim to be dissatisfied with […]

23 Apr

First Search Consultancy

I was recently contacted by someone else who had received legal threats from First Search Consultancy. They have since edited and re-published their post about First Search Consultancy. I recommend reading it. Ryan also says he has a recording proving the claim made by a number of people online and in person that they say […]

21 Jan

First Search Consultancy send in the lawyers

An SEO company previously discussed here with a dubious reputation has sent in the lawyers against someone who posted about them. Apparently them phoning up people claiming to be from Google and people reporting this is grounds to send in legal threats. In the actual thread a number of people posted their experience with the […]

18 May

First Search Consultancy – SEO cowboys with a different technique

I am used to seeing all the scam letters from SEO companies guaranteeing first place on Google etc. Lately a friend has been getting pestered by phone calls. Today she had one from Google. Or at least a company impersonating Google. The company was First Search Consulting (). A bunch of snake-oil selling cowboys. I […]

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