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24 Sep

Failure, #the45 and the future

A friend told me they went to vote wearing a Firefly t-shirt as they didn’t have a Yes t-shirt. At the time I was amused but then on the Friday it became even more meaningful. Firefly is a series set in the aftermath of a civil war from some of those sympathetic to the rebellious […]

16 Sep

The reasons to vote yes

After having discussions with a number of people about it I thought I would detail what convinced me to vote yes and then list the other reasons which have solidified that position since. The clincher The clincher for me was the White Paper promising a written constitution, and an admittedly non-detailed way for that being […]

15 Sep

Patrick Harvie @ Five Million Questions

Having previously attended a talk at Dundee Uni organised by 5 Million Questions with Nicola Sturgeon I had a look to see if any more were coming up. There was a Patrick Harvie one coming up, although I was dissapointed that I had missed out on more that hadn’t been advertised widely. His Twitter Bio […]

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