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10 Mar

Tommy ‘Pathological Liar’ Sheridan Convicted of Perjury

Originally written December 2011 To quote the Hives Hate To Say I Told You So. Tommy Sheridan has been convicted of perjury. To his acolytes this is a surprise. Even the ones who know he did and also committed perjury on his behalf. To anyone paying attention this was inevitable. To those involved in these […]

16 Feb

Hae a pictur

Reports from the weekend have a certain tanned celebrity and his acolytes handing out autographed pictures to kids in Glasgow. Laughing so hard. Trying and failing to find any way to describe the ridiculousness of this all whilst masking their identity and making it political…

04 Jan

Tanned Man Trousers More Dodgy Cash

Seems a certain tanned celeb has taken some money from Silvio Berlusconi, owner of Endemol. A multimillionaire politician and media tycoon responsible for the harassment and mass fingerprinting of the Roma population in Italy and trying to make himself immune to prosecution for his corrupt terms in power. After taking a massive amount of cash […]

18 Dec

Random Reads

Last week I finally managed to pick up the much delayed issue of Buffy the comic, it was quite good. The cover art was amazing. I also grabbed Solomon Kane and the Underworld 2 parter, both of which were quite enjoyable although I think the Underworld story was covered in the second movie. I also […]

18 Dec


In Glasgow and the shop that I used to buy SKYY no longer stocks it. In Edinburgh the next week and not only did the swanky hotel only have Vladivar (at four bloody pounds!), Oddbins have been having trouble buying in Reyka. If Brown’s ridiculous use of anti-terrorism laws against Iceland have stopped this beautiful […]

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