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06 Nov

Test Mastadon auto-post

Testing if you can auto-post to Mastadon.

06 Nov

Mastodon verification

Verifying my Mastodon account.

19 Nov

Protected: Records

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

23 Jul


I’ve neglected to post here for a bit so will wrap up some bits and bobs together. Films Have watched quite a few films recently, the best being In My Fathers Den which was superb. I tried to find the book online but it was quite expensive. Other recent watches included Sickle (appalling), We Don’t […]

22 May

Crazy religious nuts

Fred Phelps and his very close knit family have garnered yet more publicity for claiming to be coming to Scotland. Considering he was banned from coming last month it’s highly unlikely he’ll get here, or buy a ticket, go to the airport or do anything more than putting out a press release. And what a […]

26 Jan

Old Fashioned

Two posts in a row with Day One song names as titles! Reading the Grauniad on-line I note that I am apparently in the age group 50-65. Oh well. Yesterday was spent on the new bike, at the cinema seeing Underworld – Rise of the Lycans and then watching Being Human. It was quite amusing […]

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