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27 May

Thinking the Unthinkable

For the first time in my life I am considering giving a vote to the Labour Party. If you don’t understand the reason this is unthinkable then you have probably never discussed politics with me. Ever. Why exclude Labour before? Growing up, my local council was Labour run, then later run by them and the […]

17 Mar

Once In A Lifetime

Over the past week there has been a great uptick in the number of people complaining about something being “once in a lifetime”. This has confused me as I thought I understood what that phrase meant. The root of the issue is that during the run up to #indyref, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond described […]

21 Jul

The “Centrism” of the Mainstream

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a trend in articles using the term centrist, it’s often used in commentary on the Labour leadership election for example. So what is meant by Centrist? In the traditional political spectrum there is a left, a right and the centre. Unfortunately this model is flawed. If you are […]

04 Feb

Labour could be finished in Dundee West

Lord Ashcroft has released his constituency breakdown polls and it looks like Jim McGovern could be finished in Dundee West. I was born in Dundee West and have spent my entire life here. For a large chunk of my life, my MP was Ernie Ross, before becoming Jim McGovern. I always despised Ernie Ross, a […]

24 Sep

Failure, #the45 and the future

A friend told me they went to vote wearing a Firefly t-shirt as they didn’t have a Yes t-shirt. At the time I was amused but then on the Friday it became even more meaningful. Firefly is a series set in the aftermath of a civil war from some of those sympathetic to the rebellious […]

16 Sep

The reasons to vote yes

After having discussions with a number of people about it I thought I would detail what convinced me to vote yes and then list the other reasons which have solidified that position since. The clincher The clincher for me was the White Paper promising a written constitution, and an admittedly non-detailed way for that being […]

15 Sep

Patrick Harvie @ Five Million Questions

Having previously attended a talk at Dundee Uni organised by 5 Million Questions with Nicola Sturgeon I had a look to see if any more were coming up. There was a Patrick Harvie one coming up, although I was dissapointed that I had missed out on more that hadn’t been advertised widely. His Twitter Bio […]

25 Aug

But what about the plugs?

So it seems the Yes camp have been ignoring the main issue of the referendum campaign: What plugs will we use? There may be 650 questions answered in the White Paper, but this wasn’t one of them. Why did the Yes camp not anticipate this particular one and print it? Eh? Eh? It’s a total […]

25 Jun

Interim Constitution for Scotland

The Scottish Government has published the interim constitution for Scotland should independence be achieved in September. The first part deals with the bill itself, so the constitution is off by one in articles 2. Sovereignty of the people In Scotland, the people are sovereign Fantabulous. 3. The nature of the people‚Äôs sovereignty State power deriving […]

26 May

Parachuted, Delusional and Probably an MEP

With one area still to declare the result, it looks certain that an organisation which doesn’t exist on the ground, has no elected councillors, MPs or MSPs will have an MEP elected with around 10% of the pitifully low vote. UKIPs David Coburn was parachuted in from London after a fight in Scotlands UKIP group […]

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