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19 Jun

Center for Enquiry

There has been a bit of a ruckus online amongst sceptics and a sceptical organisation. You can read a round up of the latest issues here. Although a fan of the work of Center for Inquiry for many years, I have just send the following to them and am sadly unsubsribing from their content. I […]

08 Mar

International Working Women’s Day

Today is International Working Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and support them in emancipating themselves from patriarchy. A new blog has launched which aims to be a Gender Obsessed Discussion Group. This post discusses the disgusting sexist abuse from a debate at Glasgow University Union. Having never went to it, I was unaware […]

01 Dec

Still No Arguments Against Gay Marriage?

A friend recently posted a video to their Facebook wall which is a political advert for gay marriage. It’s excellent on a number of counts, mainly because it’s for a great cause (declare bias early) but also unlike some political ads it’s not preachy and with very few words spoken throughout makes it’s point well. […]

02 Feb

Deluded fantasist rambles on again

It seems the supreme magic user in Europe has opened his mouth and channelled the spirit of a bigot from an earlier time. Given the organisation he is in it could be anywhere from the 1st century to last week. Daily mash as usual are pretty on the ball with the satire. He apparently will […]

30 Sep

Underwhelming statistics?

An article in the Guardian has the Vatican defending smears on them based on paedophile priest stories. Firstly by claiming that other churches do it too (nice deflection) Secondly by claiming that the majority of paedophile priests were gay. Supremely ironic given one of the vilest homophobic attacks is to claim that gay people are […]

25 Feb

Freethought Radio

One of the numerous podcasts I listen to whilst working is the excellent FreeThought Radio, produced by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF They have a wide range of topics and guests to do with atheism, secularism, humanism, philosophy etc. Some of the guests are excellent, some not so much, but it’s such a diverse […]

11 Dec

Proposition 8 the Musical

“Prop 8 – The Musical” starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and many more… by Jack Black Fantastic video starring Jack Black, Sarah Chalke and Neil Patrick Harris.

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