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18 Aug

Come in 1999 your time is up

Games Workshop, in their infinite wisdom have re-released Space Hulk.

It’s ordered and now I can’t wait for September. It was suggested this was to renew the copyright by releasing it again.

In that case, I can’t wait for Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest which would be re-released in the next couple of years.

2 Responses to “Come in 1999 your time is up”

  1. 1
    Kieran Says:

    That looks pretty awesome1 I’ve never seen Space Hulk before but I have heard of it.

  2. 2
    Alan G Says:

    I managed to pick up a Space Crusade copy on ebay a while back but it was without figures and I never got round to doing a proper inventory. Hopefully Alan 2s proposed nerd nights in start and we can kick off some retro fun.

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