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08 Mar

Freemen On The Land

I think I have found my new favourite conspiraloons, just pipping the 9/11 Troofers at the post.

Freemen on the Land seems to have started in the US and then spread to the UK. Some of the absurd arguments which reflect the US legal system seem to have translated too which is most amusing.

Basically it seems to be based around a number of premises

1. you are a freeman on the land
2. when your birth certificate is filed that is the creation of a legal corporation which bears your name
3. you can pick and choose when you are Jim Smith and when that is the legal corporation
4. courts areadmiralty court and you can demand to be tried under common law
5. taxes, driving licences, passports etc are unnecessary.

Amusingly most of their legalistic arguments don’t seem to be tested and those that are fail miserably.

You can see a number of their arguments on various Youtube videos and the David Icke Forum. They are mercilessly ripped to shreds on the JREF forum as you would expect.

One of my favourite series of videos and which explains theur fruitcakery quite well is the 8 parter by the Toronto Truth Seekers

In one of them (part 4?) one of them claims that you don’t need a passport to travel internationally as your birth certificate is fine. When asked where he had went with it the reply is nowhere. Which kind of sums it up. The Toronto Truth seekers also have videos about chemtrails, why polio isn’t real (tell my aunt who lost a leg to polio that you fuckers).

The Free Keene group are equally hilarious

Like all libertarians they probably rant about free enterprise and how glorious capitalism will lead them to riches. When asked how he will pay his fine when he inevitably loses his case he pauses. Then says from the wages from his job cleaning floors – keep living the dream.

Ben Lowrey from the UK seems to take delight in getting attention from the police and wasting their time.

Quite amusing to see some of his encounters with them – explaining how he is a member of a sovereign nation and so doesn’t need a drivers licence.

The other main tactic is to refer to a courtroom as a boat (people leaving are given a comment of man overboard) and claims that a birth certificate is Jim Smith and not the person who is called Jim Smith.

No doubt any cheques sent to Jim Smith are deposited in the human beings business account and not the non-existant corporate account for the legal fiction corporate person strawman Jim Smith.

So, has anyone encountered these guys or found better examples of their delusion?

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