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18 Mar

Rusty Hip Collective Zine #1


The Rusty Hip have made a zine
follow the link and support the scene.

Come to the gig, give us a quid
it’s being launched on Friday

So have it a read,
tell us what you think
dinnae just moan and cause a stink.

Go to events, tell other fowk.
Negative pish gies us the boak.

This 5 minute poem is no very good
but no-one said being creative should

do something new, arty or fun
watching telly? better shit to be done

meet other people out and about
banter wi bands
don’t stand and pout.

“nothing happens in Dundee” says some prick
stuff comes and goes it disnae stick

get yourself involed you’ve something to give
go promote music, music positive

See also the free compilation of local music

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