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25 Aug

But what about the plugs?

So it seems the Yes camp have been ignoring the main issue of the referendum campaign:

What plugs will we use? There may be 650 questions answered in the White Paper, but this wasn’t one of them. Why did the Yes camp not anticipate this particular one and print it? Eh? Eh?

It’s a total fundamental issue, obviously.

Right now the whole of the UK uses the BS1363 adapter


But this is a British standard, used in the UK. If Scotland leaves the UK it leaves the plug too.

So what are the alternatives? What is Fat Alex Salmonds plan B?

Is it the Europlug?


As we all know, there will be millions of months of negotiation before Scotland will be allowed in the Europlug, not the fantasyland immediate entry over 18month time frame by Nicola Fishname.

Is it the American plug?

Obviously not, America won’t be happy over the selfish and irrational decision to remove their weapons of mass destruction er, the UK’s vital independent nuclear deterrent from Faslane, instantly making every person in Scotland unemployed.

Will it be the NZ plug? Used by Australia, New Zealand and other former members of the British Empire whose separatists took the crazy political decision to stop pooling their natural resources with the UK.

So what option is left, a new untested, scary, independent, never tried plug?

Why has this topic not been addressed. Vote No Thanks To New Plugs.

Note: This post is clearly not a satire of the logic and relevance of the garbage being spewed daily by Alistair Darling and his friends in the Orange Order, Tory Party, BNP, Liberal Democrats, Golden Dawn, Labour, UKIP and the Daily Mail.

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