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14 Sep

Polo and Posh Portaloos

On Saturday, a friend and I attended an event which was an afternoon of polo and then a meal. Anyhoo, the two amusing things prompting the title. Firstly posh portaloos. They had hired the poshest portaloos I had ever seen. The sinks were bowls on a raised dais. They had motion sensor activated taps. To […]

04 Sep

Hannah for president

I have no idea who she is but I like her style

17 Aug

Bow before the king of the nerds

i finally managed to see Rob Deb‘s comedy show. I couldn’t manage the past two years but after seeing the stuff in SciFi Now was more determined to go. Being on earlier made it easier too. He was really, really funny. Lot’s of nerdy material, references but also stuff non-geeks could get related to his […]

28 Jul

Wi-fi woo

Amused today to read about some cretin who claims to be allergic to wi-fi. Of course it will be no surprise to know the rag source of this garbage is the Hitler supporting Daily Mail. Of course if such a claim were true the DJ would be in luck, with a profile and a paranormal […]

18 May

First Search Consultancy – SEO cowboys with a different technique

I am used to seeing all the scam letters from SEO companies guaranteeing first place on Google etc. Lately a friend has been getting pestered by phone calls. Today she had one from Google. Or at least a company impersonating Google. The company was First Search Consulting (). A bunch of snake-oil selling cowboys. I […]

11 May

On your Marks, get set, go!

I just finished reading two books I grabbed cheap in Virgin, Zavvi, Head. First up was Mark Thomas with As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade. This was really interesting, funny and horrifying in equal doses. Some brilliant anecdotes of groups set up to take on arms […]

09 May


So the Inbetweeners has come to the end of series 2. After the disappointment of series 3 of Skins this was a breath of fresh air. Some really funny moments couple with some really cringe worthy moments. The final episode had Neil with the best quote of the series though. ghost stories like Harry Potter […]

01 May

La Rebla Fam – internet lawyers

It appears the management of La Rebla Fam made a boo boo. They sent out moronic street teamers. They spammed forums etc. When they spammed UGS the users ripped the piss out of them. Now their management have noticed that the thread on UGS has a Google ranking of 2, just behind the band site. […]

17 Apr

Wrong numbers

My landline keeps acting in bizarre fashion. I keep getting wrong numbers and recently someone claimed to have tried to contact me several times and I never got their voicemail. Just checked the voicemail there and had 2 for Joanne, 1 for Kevin and 1 from a plumber installing a shower in Riverview Terrace and […]

28 Feb

Amusing Tale of Protest

Mark Steel has written an amusing entry on his blog about taking his kid to an anti-war march and the point where you notice a change in your life. For some people Mark Steel went from being Double Plus Funny to Double Plus Unfunny overnight. Thankfully I don’t have anyone telling me what to think […]

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