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05 May

Dundee West General Election

So the election is tomorrow, what’s been happenning in Dundee West.

Well as of now my only contact has been 3 hand delivered Lib Dem leaftets and a personally addressed SNP letter.

The three Lib Dem leaflets all contained their usual bunch of lies, damn lies and irrelevant and massaged statistics.

A letter from the SNP, surely that would be a reply from Jim Barrie to the question I asked him about the Digital Economy Bill on the 15th of April. No such luck, it was just a standard mailing about more local Champions. Champions at what? Dundee Amateur chess championship, someone who has completed 3 levels of Hero Quest? Who knows. So as of today I have still not received a reply to my query.

What was most confusing is if it was a standard electoral mail out they go to everyone, or everyone in a certain criteria, so why did others I know not get one?

Speaking of stuff bunged through the door, I have had no Royal Mail delivered leaflets or our polling cards yet. An email to the Returning Officer confirmed I am on the Electoral Register but that is the second time in 3 elections I have received no polling card. Hopefully Labour haven’t snaffled it as part of some systematic Fraud effort.

I took part in one of the Online Quizzes to see which candidate best reflects your views. Worryingly the Lib Dems came out top, this was clearly due to only they and the SNP responding.

I emailed the rest of the candidates asking them to complete it (more to see what the independent stands for – if anything at all). The Tory got back saying he had filled it in and was curious as to whether he had lived up to expectations. I wrote back to thank him for completing it and inform him that I was surprised to see agreement on 4 issue, but sadly he had came last in politics matching.

Finding the link for the post I see Jim McFarlane of TUSC has completed it now too, so will go check his answers, I assume they will be closest though (yep). On question 1 he appears to have made a typo Ordinary people did not create this economic crisis and should be made

The independent who is apparently standing for fairness and democracy against sleaze and unaccountability? So far he hasn’t filled out the quiz to keep potential MPs accountable to their claimed positions.

I will as usual pop along early before work to vote. For the evening I will probably stay up til about 2-4 watching it online then get up about 6-7 to catch up on late results. There’s nothing as sweet as watching a vile Tory lose their seat live on TV. Thankfully having not lived under the rule of a Tory MP I have not seen them lose live either. Hopefully Philippa Stroud will be one who is shown losing live on telly. I did have the option to go to the count in Dundee but you only really get news there and on a TV plus I’d have to get next day off work.

Malcolm Rifkind

Forsythe, Portiloo, Mellor and Rifkind

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