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27 Sep

Link: The Rusty Hip

A funny thing happened on Facebook. They made a change to their group settings. I was going through old groups and realised the UGS group only had 4 members now. No way is that happening. I quickly invited everyone again and by the end of the night there were close to 100 members again.

Over the next couple of days loads of old faces popped up – including ones I had forgotten or lost touch with. Old hard drives were scoured for flyers and photos and much reminiscing about the good old days.

I repeated my call for UGS to be kick-started again or at least something for the same purpose. A semi-regular troll of KJ where people sneer and go na too many trolls, except this time people responded.

A group of about 8 of us have gotten together and created The Rusty Hip Collective. Except some more information over the coming months but we have a ton of stuff planned.

The core purpose is to try and give the Dundee music scene a shot in the arm and reconnect the disparate groups to create a vibrant scene again. But it’s not just about music, zines, art and loads of other stuff is involved too. Get involved if you can and support/promote it as best you can.

Let’s get Dundee gigs packed again!

You can get involved with or keep updated on activities of the Rusty Hip Collective in these places:
Rusty Hip on Twitter: @RustyHip
Rusty Hip on Facebook: Rusty Hip on Facebook

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