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21 May

Review: Onsind – Dissatisfacton

Album available at name your price with a minimum of £0 ONSIND are an acoustic pop punk band from Durham. Their name is in reference to the lack of abortion facilities in some areas of America. I recently attended a gig put on by the Make That a Take DIY (anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-homophobic) […]

10 May

Minor Update and Movie Round Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything of length here, but as the three of you who read this blog know me in real life you’ll know why that is. I’m slowly catching up on my RSS feeds but have some lengthy articles on the backlog to read, my email inbox is as far […]

24 Apr

Hero Quest Video Review

Quite silly video about Hero Quest. Awesome.

17 Apr

April film roundup

Having spent a weekend ill on the couch unable to turn the light, look at a monitor for longer than 10minutes or read I managed to get through quite a few films. Some of these were good, some were great, some won’t be watched again – a good mixture then. The unwatched pile however has […]

17 Apr

Lesbian Vampire Killers

I almost forgot that I went to the cinema to see this. Having never watched Gavin and Stacey I didn’t really know what to expect. What I had expected was a vampire spoof, anything spoofing the lesbian vampire sub-genre would be a bonus. What I got was, well, mince. Dire acting, pitiful jokes, ridiculous symbolism. […]

16 Feb

Happy Endings

The latest 3/£5 Grouchos acquisition to be watched was Happy Endings. At times it could be a bit of a slog at over 2 hours long, but it was well worth it in the end. It had a really unusual style. The introduction had the screen split in halves with textual detail of who was […]

13 Feb

Skins in Not Being Shit Shocker!

Well, I had decided to give Skins one more go before giving up. Episode 3 had been an improvement on 1 and 2 (not hard to be honest) especially with the chilli love. Episode 4 started off pretty well and at one point I heard two lines of dialogue and realised holy crap. Effy and […]

01 Feb

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire looks set to sweep awards at every ceremony for the next few months. The rags-to-riches love story covering three time periods in the main characters lives is brilliantly shot, directed, cast and acted. It certainly lives up to the hype. If you enjoyed Boyles previous films – Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, 28 X Later, […]

23 Jan

Trying Too Hard

One of my favourite Day One* tracks was Trying too Hard given the hip soundtrack to Skins it really should have been used on Series 3 Episode 1. I really liked Series 1 and 2, there was a willingness to explore topics few other series would as well as quite good character arcs. With the […]

15 Jan

The Astronaut’s Wife

After checking imdb, I have watched twenty three movies with Johnny Depp in them. Some of them great (Donnie Brasco, Edward Scissorhands), some good, (Pirates of the Caribbean) some of them unwatchable dirge (Secret Window, The Brave, Dead Man, Pirates 2, Pirates 3 etc). Having picked The Astronaughts Wife up for one and two thirds […]

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