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26 May

Parachuted, Delusional and Probably an MEP

With one area still to declare the result, it looks certain that an organisation which doesn’t exist on the ground, has no elected councillors, MPs or MSPs will have an MEP elected with around 10% of the pitifully low vote.

UKIPs David Coburn was parachuted in from London after a fight in Scotlands UKIP group led to most of the leadership resigning. He proved himself an utter embarrassment on every show he took part in. Interrupting people, talking over them, getting peoples names wrong. As well as the usual terrible pish you expect from the mentalists of UKIP – the SNP are fascists, Salmond is like Mugabe and the like.

Even this morning he was incapable of naming a law he wanted abolished when pushed about it. He went to the new UKIP go-to excuse, of being tired. I won’t be surprised if it’s not long before he is found tired and emotional and has to resign, as around a third of their MEPs resign or are jailed before their term ends.

What caused them to be elected?

The number one reason has to be from the ridiculous amount of media coverage they have received over the past year in both the UK and in Scotland. The most embarrassing being the Question Time independence show which had George Galloway and Nigel Farage, even though neither have any elected members in Scotland at any level whilst the Greens who have councillors and MSPs were not included.

From the results as they stand, just 25K people who voted Green voting SNP would have excluded UKIP. Similarly, just 35K voting Green instead of SNP would have done the same.

The SNP or the Greens convincing 35K people who didn’t vote to turn up and vote for them would have also changed the outcome.

This is bad right?

Well if you think giving some Walter Mitty (read it, seriously!) a million pounds a year to froth about minorities bad then yeah.

It could we worse though?

Course it could be, in France the Front National have won. Openly racist parties have won in Hungary and Denmark. It also looks likely an actual Nazi has won a seat in Germany. In Greece the fascist Golden Dawn have won a large chunk of votes.

Any silver lining?

The BNP have been wiped out with Griffin claiming that they lost because the racist vote went to UKIP instead.

GUE/NGL seem to have increased from 35 with at least 41 so far including big gains in Greece (SYRZIA) and Spain. The Feminist Initiative have also as expected won a seat in Sweden.

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