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09 Apr

Scotlands Favourite Corpse

What took her so long? is the phrase on many lips. After 87 years of oxygen thievery Margaret Thatcher has finally stopped polluting the universe with her presence. Unfortunately her vile ideas are still here. Being implemented by all stripes of bastards in councils and governments up and down the UK and in other places throughout the world too.


Her legacy is the promotion of greed, selfishness, individualism and an I’m all right Jack attitude which festers and spreads like a poison.

I received the news by text and immediately checked the BBC for confirmation. An unfortunate placement of a dinosaur skull image made for an amusing social network share. Within minutes the jokes had started based on her closing down furnaces in hell.

Shortly afterwards began the hagiography. From the wide spread of Labour to LibDem and Tories, i.e. all across the right side of the political spectrum. Her heirs and followers spread glowing praise of her many achievements such as destroying communities, introducing the Poll Tax and selling off state assets for buttons. The North Sea Oil windfall of course provided the money to fund huge tax cuts for those who turned out to be complete Yuppie Bastards in the 80s.

To counter the hagiography, many of us immediately began to publicly celebrate. No way can her passing be met with 100% tributes and arse-licking. Having planned for years bottles of champagne were popped in George Square and Is Thatcher Dead Yet probably peaked in visitors.


(remember – talking ill of the dead is bad and should never ever be done – they all have families to consider the feelings of. We shouldn’t consider the harm done to the victims of their actions. Especially if they are a suspected paedophile)

The celebration was necessary.

For those traumatised by Thatcher and her policies, whose families and communities were attacked and torn apart a cathartic expression of impotent triumphalism was never going to return any of those things taken from them. But it does as the political class repeatedly like to say draw a line under it so we can all move on.

Tory rags and misguided liberals immediately condemned those of us expressing jubilation, the Guradian handles some of their notions nicely.

She was still a person and has a family. We should think of her family they say.

Her dead husband who was an disgusting racist shit bag. Her daughter who seems to be following in his footsteps. Maybe the son Mark, arms dealer and funder of coups. Similarly I can’t remember these same newspapers saying similar when Moat, Gaddafi, Hussein or Bin Laden were killed. Last week they were crowing over the death of 6 children using it to spread their political opinion. They are using Thatchers death to eulogise her and promote her political philosophy. But apparently describing her in negative terms is somehow bad? Remember – there’s no such thing as society so we shouldn’t give a shit what her family think.

We shouldn’t celebrate the passing of a frail old woman.

Correct. She should have been strung up ages ago by the Hague for sinking the Belgrano. Perhaps a fitting tribute would have been to treat her like the political opponents of her friend Pinochet? He liked to have dissidents kidnapped, tortured and killed.

Evil supporter of fascist authoritarianism next to South American Dictator

Evil supporter of fascist authoritarianism next to South American Dictator

Celebrate the death of Thatcherism, not Thatcher

I will. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen for a long time. I’d rather have jam today than have hope for some jam tomorrow.

You shouldn’t celebrate anyones death.

Here’s the deal – don’t celebrate what she did when alive and I won’t celebrate that she’s dead.

The last time I wrote about her I quoted Elvis Costello.

Let’s make it number 1.

I am ashamed about one thing from yesterday.

I forgot to have some jelly and ice-cream.


I did however take some cake and Spitting Image to the pub.


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