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04 Feb

Labour could be finished in Dundee West

Lord Ashcroft has released his constituency breakdown polls and it looks like Jim McGovern could be finished in Dundee West.

I was born in Dundee West and have spent my entire life here.

For a large chunk of my life, my MP was Ernie Ross, before becoming Jim McGovern.

I always despised Ernie Ross, a snivelling shit of a man. My signature quote on a local music forum used to be this with links to the local paper:

‘I’m not a rent-a-quote MP’ – Ernie Ross 10th September
Ernie Ross being a rent-a-quote MP; – 23rd July

A Yes-man who eagerly supported bombing children in Iraq. When I saw him the day after the first Scottish servicemen died, he claimed that because someone else (Tony Blair) may have lied about WMD (he did) and Ernie repeated the lie (he did), if they (Tony) thought they were telling the truth (they didn’t) then it wasn’t really telling a lie, or him re-telling a lie. Amazing logic.

When he finally retired, I hoped that whoever replaced him would at least be mildly competent. Jim McGovern has had his snout in the trough, being caught up in the expenses scandal.

We went from having a rent-a-quote MP to having a rent-a-vote MP who barely dares to deviate from the party line. He hasn’t bothered turning up to vote against the Bedroom Tax or nuclear weapons. He does manage to send out emails that say things like

We will end the exploitation of 0-hour contracts

You may wish to contrast that with the actual meaningful

We will end the exploitation of 0-hour contracts

To have the SNP sitting at 59% and Labour at 24% is simply earth shattering. Even the Guardian have picked up on it.

Labour appear to have ducked their head under the sand and are spreading FUD about the real ramifications of these polls. McGovern has not yet confirmed if he is standing again or not, no mention on the local Labour groups etc. Perhaps this poll will finally push him over the cliff to retirement.

If Cameron panicked at being the Prime Minister who could lose the UK, just think of the pressure these Labour goons are under, who assumed they now had a fiefdom for life.

Labour took a decision 20 years ago to sell out their heartlands and appeal to the middle class in marginal constituencies whilst sticking the boot into the poor and vulnerable. Hopefully a wipeout will be a long delayed boot back.

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