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27 May

Two minute Terse Verse

Occasionally I throw together stupid 4-8 line poems. Normally in text or on birthday cards at the last minute etc. Seeing Kieran puts much better ones online I hadn’t really got round to it much.

Just texting back and forward about nerdy shit I had two quick ones. Written in one go with no editing or corrections makes you plan ahead but leads you into corners and is quite fun. Write a stupid ditty today

Unlike the elfs who prance by the flowers
And wizards who hang around towers
The dwarves have their bread
axes and beards
and mine and smelt metal with powers

Min maxer tastic
He’s chosen 6 classes
Books piled high
with notes and distractions
His gaming is like life
Over compen sating
Too young to drink
Too nerdy for mating
Super hero char min maxing his life
Unfortunate praxis

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