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25 Mar

Support an Open Source project

One of the reasons I have been playing around with WordPress is because it is Open Source. I have been using various Open Source projects for a while, not zealously, but when they are the best alternative for a given task – or at least good enough for what I do.

Current software I am using include WordPress, OpenOffice, Linux (Tablet PC), Firefox (and Phoenix before that) and numerous other bits and bobs including at work.

It is one of my goals for the year to find time to contribute towards at least one open source project. I have been unable to donate hours so today donated $2 to Google SiteMap Generator. This plug in automatically generates a site map for you as frequently as you wish. Really useful and has saved me more than $2 in the time to manually generate one using Audit My PC or similar.

What Open Source software do you use and have you contributed anything back – from cash to code to bug reports?

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