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17 Apr

Wrong numbers

My landline keeps acting in bizarre fashion. I keep getting wrong numbers and recently someone claimed to have tried to contact me several times and I never got their voicemail.

Just checked the voicemail there and had 2 for Joanne, 1 for Kevin and 1 from a plumber installing a shower in Riverview Terrace and trying to arrange an appointment.

Is my number so similar to other peoples? Do a number of other people have numbers 1 digit away from mine? Previous experience with phone lines is that you get the odd wrong number every few months. I appear to get both persistent wrong numbers and frequent ones for different people from different people.

The problem solver in me is curious. Perhaps previous numbers have had very few neighbours? If my number was 123456 perhaps the only immediate neighbours were 123457 and 223456. If now I had clashes each side that would be 12+ immediate neighbours. Given the rise in mobile numbers and presumably fall in land line numbers it does seem bizarre to have more nowadays. Maybe being on Virgin means there is a smaller allocation of numbers which are re-used more frequently than BT do?

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