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16 Mar

Nate Dogg Dies

Nate Dogg has died at just 41. Details haven’t been announced yet but he previously had two strokes. if you listened to any early-mid 90s hip hop you probably heard him crooning in the background. Although he generally appeared on others work he also released or compiled his own work. The one I loved most […]

15 Mar

She Don’t Like Firefly

I saw this video a few days ago and meant to post it. Having checked it appears to have spread like wildfire. You can buy the single on iTunes And see the singers reaction to the attention on the Fear the Boot forums.

14 Dec

Making a killing in the name of drivel

With the campaign to have a band of musicians who write songs, sing lives and can play musical instruments to No1 gains over half a million supporters Simon Cowell took time out of being a prat to comment on it. The campaign is stupid and cynical From a talentless prick who has made millions from […]

28 Jul

Wi-fi woo

Amused today to read about some cretin who claims to be allergic to wi-fi. Of course it will be no surprise to know the rag source of this garbage is the Hitler supporting Daily Mail. Of course if such a claim were true the DJ would be in luck, with a profile and a paranormal […]

01 May

La Rebla Fam – internet lawyers

It appears the management of La Rebla Fam made a boo boo. They sent out moronic street teamers. They spammed forums etc. When they spammed UGS the users ripped the piss out of them. Now their management have noticed that the thread on UGS has a Google ranking of 2, just behind the band site. […]

11 Dec

Frightened Rabbit at Fat Sams

Last night we went to see Frightened Rabbit in Fattys. Attendance was probably around 200, with loads of under 18s for some reason I couldn’t understand, maybe Frightened Rabbit has a following with the teens? We just caught the end of the first support band not used to advertised doors times being accurate…They were quite […]

25 Nov

Link: UGS

I was an early member of UGS, having user number 37 until a database cockup a while back (Thanks KJ!). It originally started as a board about hip hop, then a well timed explosion of the Dundee music scene a number of years ago co-ordinated with the death of the Kerosene board due to Colin […]

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