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24 Jan

Is it a whisky, is it a bourbon, no – it’s Valt Vodka

I had heard of Valt Vodka a few weeks back but didn’t want to throw down £25-£30 on a rash buy.

Well I went round round the Scottish Trade Fair on Sunday as a recce mission for future exhibiting and I spotted their stand. Disciplined I wandered round the rest of the food section before reaching it.

I got a wee sample and it was very strange. Vodka made from malted barley so it smells and tastes like whisky. Was not unpleasant, although I’m unsure if I could drink much of it. Certainly not in one sitting.

The fair was very strange, a mixture of jewellery, textiles, greeting cards, novelty condom wrappers, seats made from highland cow horns and t-shirts with anti-English slogans on it. And more tartan than you could shake a stick at.

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