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19 May

Two stories about Perthshire

There are two stories about Perth today in the papers – both of which are horrendous.

The first has been overlooked by the national news: Woman beat for seven hours.

A woman was beaten for seven hours by her partner, the neighbours at around midnight heard cries resembling shrieks from a horror film. Neighbours were wakened by her screaming No, no. Stop..

Thankfully one of them eventually phoned the police at 7:30am. Why the fuck it took one of them 7 hours hasn’t been explained.

The other has reached the national news. Some cretins objecting to a bike race around Pitlochry spread tacks over the road on a downhill stretch. Hundreds of tires were punctured, not only on bikes but on an ambulance and police car supporting the race.

The only local quoted in the Courier against the half day road closure.

We may not leave our homes for any essential items and, much more importantly, the whole community is prevented from attending the Sunday Christian services.

I wonder if the roads would be closed and the residents ‘restrained’ if we were of other faiths or nationalities.

I was under the impression that we were attempting to fight discrimination. Perhaps not if you are white and Christian and don’t cycle.

What a maroon.

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