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13 May

Let the right one in

Let the right one in is a Swedish vampire movie which has just been released in the UK. I had been interested in it since I read about it late last year and finally had the chance to see it when it was showing at DCA.

Unusually for a vampire movie the vampire and main character are both pre-teens. The dialogue was sparse with most of the characters feelings being expressed through their actions, the way they touched each other, glances, tapping on walls to communicate, little notes left – it is surprisingly sweet. No doubt this is part of the reason Hollywood is already remaking it – what do you mean there’s no witty sidekick or party scene!.

That was mostly the romance side of it, the vampire lore was excellent. I have been getting sick of vampire movies which have to be different by introducing new rules or breaking conventional ones. Sunlight was a killer, blood was required, a minion watched over the vampire during the day (who slept in a bath covered in layers of thick material with the windows covered), cats were not happy, those bitten were infected.

The best of all was the title piece – what happens when you are not invited in – excellent and unexpected interpretation. I had been so used to invisible barriers from watching Buffy.

Really worth the wait, I especially enjoyed it as between being ill over the past month it’s been a while since I touched any non-English films in the unwatched pile. I didn’t fancy reading loads whilst watching. Even though the film was close to two hours long the dialogue was so sparse that it wasn’t too much of a strain to ease back into the habit.

The other amusing part of the night was that on the other side of me from me was another couple. The woman kept jumping and gasping at all the semi-shocking bits, including a hit in the face for Oskar. It couldn’t have been more cliché if they had stood up clapping and cheering at the end. I had never experienced that before suppose I am so desensitised to horror and horror tropes* that I had forgotten some people do this.

* Whilst watching two horrors last week I kept going now or fake when the trope or twist on the trope was away to be used. Some of them were so appalling and cliché.

3 Responses to “Let the right one in

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    Michael Says:

    Have you seen this? The subtitles are apparently way off on the US DVD:

    Apparently the film is set in 1982. The “modern” car I thought I saw was a Toyota Space Cruiser (looked like one, anyway), which wasn’t on the market until 1983 or 1984.

  2. 2
    Alan G Says:

    Yeah I checked the list of Russian Communist Party Chairs and Brezhnev stopped being leader in 1982

    So my estimate of late 70s early 80s was about right. I will need to watch again to see the newer car.

    I may have a look for the US version with the crap subtitles so we can have a laugh and drink whilst rewatching at some point.

    And my god, some of those subs are awful.

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