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13 Sep

Brian Souter Fails at the Internet

One of the most bizarre stories of the last week has been Brian Souters rant about google. He claims that his vanity site not appearing high in the rankings is censoring free speech. Of course his site still exists, so his free speech is not being censored. At all. Google have previously removed BMW’s website […]

02 Jul

Down With the Times

So as of today the Times is starting to charge for content. Lets hope Rupert Murdoch gets egg on his face. He can whinge all he wants about Google stealing content but if he was so concerned all he had to do was block access to Google’s search bots. Two minute job and it’s done. […]

23 Jul


I’ve neglected to post here for a bit so will wrap up some bits and bobs together. Films Have watched quite a few films recently, the best being In My Fathers Den which was superb. I tried to find the book online but it was quite expensive. Other recent watches included Sickle (appalling), We Don’t […]

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