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02 Dec

The United Homophobes

Looks like Gordon Wilson has got together with 199 friends to launch a campaign against gay marriage. Their petition obviously includes the slippery slope fallacy. You can read about them here indeed Scotland for Marriage is backed by both religious and non-religious groups. It is an expression of the breadth of concern within Scottish society. […]

01 Dec

Still No Arguments Against Gay Marriage?

A friend recently posted a video to their Facebook wall which is a political advert for gay marriage. It’s excellent on a number of counts, mainly because it’s for a great cause (declare bias early) but also unlike some political ads it’s not preachy and with very few words spoken throughout makes it’s point well. […]

27 May

Proposition Eight

Wow, the reactionaries are really on the march lately. Californias Supreme Court rules that no more gay marriages can take place. For an accurate summary of this insanity see this Center For Inquiry post. Can anyone point to an argument against gay marriage not based on religion. I have looked and looked but can’t find […]

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